Problem with chan_modem in 1.2.0_b1


Hi all

I have rebuild libpre, zaptel, and asterisk as usual, and installed (version 1.2.0_beta1 from all new files in my system. I have managed to migrate all conf files cheking each mine and each new sample.
After all, I got a fully functional PBX exept all incoming sound from ISDN was absolutely noisy (but the sound sent to the caller was perfect).

I was using a “Diva 2.02 PCI S/T” with ISDN4Linux, and chan_modem_i4l.

After this unsuccesfull try, I rebuild version 1.0.9 and all works grate (as long as I have tried).

Does anyone know why would I have this problem?

Thanks for your time



I have exactly the same problem here, except my isdn adapter is a Siemens Gigaset 3075. Did you find a solution yet ?

I personally also find it a very bad idea to remove chan_modem in future. I am wondering if this is really necessary as for example for the Siemens Gigaset 3075 there are no misdn drivers.

David Arendt



I have found the reason for this problem, it is a bug in chan_modem_i4l.c. I have mailed the developper mailing list with more information, so I think it will be fixed soon in cvs. If you are interested, I can also give you the modified working file.

David Arendt