Problem with CDRs when using Gosub - May open a bug report

We work with * 1.2.4.
I found that when we use Gosub before the Dial to go to a new context and then return to where the dial plan was, then the CDR writes in the DST field an “s” instead of the Destination number.

Any comments on this?
Is it a knowon problem?


it’ that problem at all ?
i think that
cdr(dst) is exten => [dst] last executed
a have some jumps in dialplan and ‘s’ is in cdr(dst) for all of my incoming calls. I write destination numbers in cdr(userfiled).
You can try remeber destination befor jumping and befor dial
i don’t know if cdr(dts) is writable - you have to check it yourself.

edit: … extensions
"Using these extensions may change the content of your CDR billing records in a way you do not want: In particular the dst field will not contain the dialed number anymore! As a workaround you could look into Dial() with the ‘g’ option (“go on in context”) and consider using ResetCDR(w) and / or NoCdr()."
and all should be clear now.