Problem with calls between IP Phone & analog with SPA210

Hello all,

I use to IP Phones with an analog phone & LIKSYS SPA2100.When I make a call from one phone to other ,the phone rings and everything goes properly.But when I pick up the phone there is a very annoying noise and you can not hear the other.This does not happen between the two IP phones.
I think that might there is problem with the codecs.SPA2100 by default has the G711 but my IP Phones(Grandstream) doesn’t have it.
Have you ever face such a problem?Any idea?


never had a problem between LinkSys/Sipura devices and Grandstream phone. GS might refer to G711 as ulaw or PCMU.

post the sip.conf entries for these devices. and the Asterisk log file for a failed call.

Hello baconbuttie,

thanks a lot for your reply!
I put PCMU in my GD phone(web configuration) and indeed in the display of phone it says that the codec is the G711.
But unfortunately the problem remains, the noise exist :frowning: