Problem with a digit map

I’m new in this forum.
I’m using Asterisk version 1.0.RC1. I use the following digit map : ([0-9*].T) and I specified it in the chan_mgcp.c file (function transmit_notify_request_with_callerdid and transmit_notify_request).
In the “MGCP_OFFHOOK” case, I used "add_header(&resp, “R”, “L/hu(N), L/hf(N), D/0-9#*”)).
Two gateways are registred with the asterisk and are using this digit map.
The number of the first one is 6001 and the second is 6002 (correctly set in the extensions file). When I dial the 6002 from the 1st one, asterisk indicates

  • observed ‘6, d/0, d/0, d/2’ and then Received unknown event.
    Could anyone help me? Why there is no “d” with the first 6?
    When I suppress this digit plan, the communication works well.
    Thanks you

ask this in the developers forum.

unfortunately, the guys from Digium have already said that the devs don’t visit here, so posting to the dev forum isn’t likely to help at all. much better to post to the asterisk-dev mailing list at

the first response to this is always going to be “Asterisk 1.0 RC1 ? why not upgrade ?” it depends on how much work has been done on mgcp since 1.0 … will the dev(s) want to backport any changes to such an old version ?

Yes, I agree.

Which dtmf mode does your gateway support?

If it is inband try with,


If this does’nt work upgrade as suggested by baconbuttie