Problem while installing Trixbox

I am installing the trixbox- using VMware and during the early steps of installation it shows “Error Partitioning Window” and the contents of the this window is (could not allocate requested partitions:)

Is there any disk partitioning needed before the installation??
and what is the disk space required for the server?

Your support Plz.

There should be no partitioning required before installation. I am running Trixbox on a couple of VMware ESXi virtual machines and it installed fine. It doesn’t take much space. I am running on 10GB virtual disk but this no where near full.

Which version of VMware do you have and are you presenting SCSI or IDE virtual disks?

i am using VMware workstation version 5. the hard disk is SCSI

The problem has been Solved when using Oracle VM VirtualBox and the installation completed successfully.