Problem to enter the pass code for IVR

i m having a no of varification officer . which i have to dial and then i it is asking for the 4 digit passcode . when i enter the pass code from the softphone some time it is not taking . some time it is taking and some time it playing the some othere digit like if i enter 1001 it is says that u have enter 1115 or some othere no

can any one tell me is there any thing i have to mention in my extensions file to enter the digit for 3rd party ivr .

Looks like you are describing a DTMF detection problem. What kind of connection do you use? What is your dtmfmode? … p+dtmfmode should give you some good ideas.

i m useing

some time when i m entering the code it is taking but some time it is not taking
what could be the solution

Ask your provider what DTMF mode they use and get help from them.