Problem ringtone quality

Hi everyone,

I’m new on this forum, I hope you can help me.
At our office we have a problem with the ringing tone generate by asterisk, during a call we have a tone that sounds good.
After one hour approx, on some occasions the tone sounds a bit distorted but once the call is connected to the user, the call quality is okay.
The solution is to restart asterisk and the call waiting tone goes back to normal during a short time.
I’ve change the country at indications.conf, at fist it was “us”, I’ve changed the country but the problem is the same.
Do you how it’s generated the tone by asterisk ?? the files are somewhere in asterisk ?
I’ve reinstalled asterisk and codecs thinking that it might be the solution but that didn’t work.
We use asterisk with asterisk-addons 1.6.1. our server is on Amazon.

Thank you

The tones are generated algorithmically.

They require a timing source. Timing source options are complicated in the latest version, so you will need to read the documentation, as I use an older version.

Alternatively, you have a performance problem on the machine (e.g. using a VM).

Note, for VoIP calls, the phones should generate the tones. If you are having problems on a VoIP phone, it may be the result of misuse of Answer() calls - most examples shouldn’t be there.

Thank you very much for your help david55.
I’ will realize some test on another server.

Edit : I reinstall our configuration on another server and now all works fine !! the problem was on Amazon with their VM.
Thanks you david55