Problem of sound in asterisk


I am a beginner in voip and I just set up my asterisk server on debian (on parallel desktop).

I set up two accounts on two sip clients (on a mac and the other on centos parallel desktop) and the incoming / outgoing call happens but there is no sound on both sides.

And here is the tutorial that I followed for the implementation of the asterisk server: … et-ubuntu/

Tanks in advance :wink:

What is the question?

My question is : i can make call between two client phone sip but i hear any voice from two side.

There is no problem on my laptop mac book pro. because i can use skype and facetime to talk with my friends.

I give you more detail.

I use parallel desktop on my laptop mac book pro. In the virtual host i have set up debian, centos.

The server asterisk is on debian & twinkle sip is on centos. Funaly x-lite on my mac.

The call is passing between twinkle sip on centos & x-lite on mac bu i can’t hear any voice.

Tanks for your answer :wink:

Are all devices inside the same LAN?

Did you check firewalls on all machines, specially on the Asterisk server?


sory for my late response, i had disabled all firewall to ovaid this problem.

And i talk about that with a friend and he told me that related to codecs.

Tanks in advance :wink: