Problem Installing E1R2 support for asterisk

Hi everyone, … mfcr2.html

I followed the instruction in that link, was able to install all the needed libraries also.
But when it came to the portion

patch <channels_makefile.patch

in the Getting Asterisk to work with your MFCR2 setup i failed.

Hunk #1 succeeded at 75 with fuzz 1 (offset 12 lines).
Hunk #2 succeeded at 83 (offset 5 lines).
Hunk #3 FAILED at 155.
Hunk #4 FAILED at 173.
2 out of 4 hunks FAILED – saving rejects to file Makefile.rej

Can anyone help me on this?
Thanks a lot,


you’ll probably need to manually install the patch.

open the patchfile in your fave editor, then open the src file being patched in another instance of your editor. if you look through the patchfile, it’s fairly obvious how it works … it looks for a matching line, and either removes a line (indicated by a “-” at the start) or adds one or more lines (indicated by a “+”).

save and recompile.

can u share the edited Make file, i am not able to understand the syntax of patch file