Problem in when calling from VOIP phone


I am facing 2 problems when I am calling from a soft phone x-lite, to another number.

1.I am getting the voice but another person is not getting my voice.Please give me the exact solution of that.

2.Sometimes when I called to any test number like my cell, after call dropped again I am getting second call from SIP phone.
Please help me in this regards.I have debian 2.6.26-2-amd64 & Asterisk, also I am using voip account to call forward.


For (1) the most likely cause is a NAT configuration error. From a forum like this, you shouldn’t really expect more than a minute or two of a responder’s time.

For (2), you need to contact your VoIP account provider, as their system will be responsible for the “glare” problem. This sort of problem generally happens at the analogue network boundary.