Probably a dumb dialplan question


We’re using the Digium fax application to receive faxes through our Asterisk system. What we need it to do, is when the fax is completed, change the name of the received file, copy it to a different folder, and write some information to a text file. All of which works, using the “h” priority.

The problem is, this same “h” priority is also called when an outside caller hangs up, rather than someone in the office hanging up, resulting in a lot of non-fax stuff in the log files, and erroneous alerts about faxes.

For now, I’ve kludged around this by checking for the “FAX_STATUS” value, and if blank, presuming it wasn’t a fax and GoToing past the other operations.

I’d like to simplify and not have to do this.

Is there a way to keep the use of the “h” priority to ONLY within the “FaxRecieve” context? To try to keep things organized, we’ve used multiple small conf files, so our “extensions_faxes.conf” is included in the main “extensions.conf” file. Or, is the solution going to be to create an “h” priority for each section of the dialplan?

Jason A.

surely when you start your wrap up process with the change to the name of the file, you can tell if there is no file there and jump out of the process.

Yes, that’s essentially what the dialplan is doing now. But it offends my sense of “organization” to have other areas jumping into this hangup function.

Jason A.