Pro attendant recordings?

Hello all,

Just wondering if there are any companies/individuals out there who do professional recordings that could be used for our auto-attendant. We don’t really have anyone here who sounds right when recorded.

Basically what I’d like to do is send a script with all the prompts I’d like recorded. Then have that person record each prompt as a seperate wav file and then send them back.

I’m not sure what this type of service is called, so I kind of struck out on google. If anyone could recommend such a service, I would appreciate it.



Um, well, did you check the Digium web site? Click on Products and then on IVR prompts. You can hire Allison Smith to do this. She is the voice you hear on all of the includes prompts in Asterisk.

I thought that they were no longer offering that service… I guess I misunderstood the post I was reading this morning.


Hm, I did not see that post. I just went to Digiums website and clicked on the links. If there is a new announcement, then I’m sorry, I did not know that.

no guarantee it hasn’t changed of course.

the wiki has a few international prompts, and often the suppliers are able to get the original voice artist to do more for you if required for a fee.

to clarify- digium is still offering the allison smith recordings, and as I understand that part of the business is quite successful. They just aren’t using the same interface anymore, it’s integrated into the main ecommerce system.

you can also go to her site directly which is but better to go thru digium. You help support those that gave you the great gift of asterisk.