Private Point to Point VOIP Phone

I have a piece of equipment on a remote mountaintop. I have a private microwave ethernet connection to that site. I want to setup a private point to point phone voip phone service so that I can call in to the site and hear over a telephone my voice based dial in diagnostic equipment. I also want to be able to use that connection to dial in with a V.32 dialup modem and use software at 14.4 to control the equipment.

If I use an old computer and install the free Asterisk software on it, can I purchase 2 Voip telephone converters one for the mountain top and one for my office, put them on my private network and get them to communicate?


It won’t actually be Ethernet end to end, but you may even be able to do so directly between the two devices.

I do not see any need in Asterisk to fulfill your need. Asterisk is a telephone switch whereas you do not need to switch any calls as two devices can call each other directly.