Private Number in Calls generated with callfiles

I am working on an automated calling system which through “call” files is responsible for generating calls to the phone numbers given through an Asterisk telephone exchange connected to a E1 line. My main question is:
I can make the number displayed to people receiving the call is a private number?

The file “call” that I use for this purpose do as follows:

Channel: DAHDI/g0/123456789 Account: callout MaxRetries: 1 RetryTime: 30 Set: CDR (userfield) = 123,456,789 WaitTime: 30 Context: AutoDialer Extension: DAHDI/g0/123456789 Priority: 1

and context defined as follows:

[AutoDialer] exten => s, 1, AMD exten => s, n, GotoIf ($[${ AMDSTATUS} = HUMAN]? HUMN: mach) exten => s, n (mach), WaitForSilence (2500) exten => s, n, Set (CDR (userfield) = AnswerMachine) exten => s, n, Hangup exten => s, n (HUMN), WaitForSilence (500) exten => s, n, Playback (messages / message_one) exten => s, n, Hangup

If someone could help me I would appreciate very much!

See the “u” option for the Dial application: … ation_Dial