Priorities among Extensions


I would like to define two categories/Groups of Extensions. Category 1 will have Priority 1 (Top) and Category 2 will have Priority 2.

Phones under Category 1 will be used only under an emergency on rare occasions while phones under Category 2 will be used for day-to-day communication needs.

Use-Case Required : while a regular communication is in progress between two extensions in category 2, if there is a call initiated from an extension in Category 1, all existing communications should disconnect in category 2 and be available for receiving the priority call.

Please let me know, if this is possible to achieve with the asterisk platform and how.

Would highly appreciate your inputs.

Thanks in Advance

Assuming your Extensions are SIP extensions, this is certainly possible with some dialplan logic and using DEVICE_STATE function and SoftHangup,Dial applications.

–Satish Barot