PRI network messages

Hi Guys,
I’ve got a bit of a problem that i was hopping that someone here has already experienced and solved.
I’m running Asterisk 1.4.71, Zaptel 1.4.4 and libpri 1.4.1 on a CentOS box with 2 Digium TE120p PRI cards.

I am experiencing the problem that when outgoing calls are made over the PRI line and anything other than a normal connection is made, the network messages are not being transposed properly.

E.G: if i call a mobile phone (that does not have voicemail enabled) from a standard phone and it is switched off you would ordinarily get a network message saying something along the lines of “this user is unavailable…”. however, with asterisk this is interpreted and the user is presented with a disconnection tone.

This is proving to be a major problem for the users on most of my deployments.

I have been pointed towards the below bugtrack by the extremely helpful people at digium:

this seems to describe the problem pretty accurately, however the supplied patch does not seem to work for me. Which is a shame.

Does anyone else have any ideas that could help me get out of the deep water with this issue?

Many thanks in advance for your time.

sorry about the bump, but someone here must have faced this problem?

I would suggest adding your results to the bug and post your pri debug. The issue is still open so there maybe bugs within that patch or it doesn’t cover every scenario.