PRI+BRI+Opus ISDN circuit switching for Broadcast Radio STL

Hi everyone,

I am assembling the parts and theory of operation for a typical radio broadcasting station studio-transmitter link, to replace the current analog system with a digital one. I know I could do it with some packet-switched TCP/IP, but I already have some ISDN PRI T1 microwave licensed bearers, and I’d like to use those, and I think circuit-switched carrier-class links will be superior.

I have a couple of options, it seems ;

1.) TCP/IP over T1 ISDN and then run multi-channel Opus trx inside this 1.5mbit circuit.

2.) MUX multiple BRI Codecs onto the T1 using hardware and deMUX it at the transmitter site.

Can anyone direct me to a case study, an example system, or other reading material on this?

I did see LCR.

Any other comments welcome.

Many thanks.