Pressing the number one causes delay

I’m not sure what other information would be needed because I’m not sure what would be causing it. In every context on both of my asterisk 1.2.13 boxes there is a delay whenever menu option one is chosen. Even the delay is not standard. It could be anywhere from one second to ten. One of the boxes is running SIP and the other is running over a PRI. I am using the MySQL option on both of them.

I’m just going to throw an example out for the fun of it:
start,1 => Background(test)
1,1 => Menu option 1
2,1 => Menu option 2
3,1 => Menu option 3

When menu option 1 is chosen during the recording there is a delay. When any other number is pressed the transition is immediate. Any ideas?

I figured it out… it’s because there are extensions 100-110. So the system is waiting to see if there are any more digits that are going to be entered. Silly me.