Presence state ID in AEL hint

How do you put a presence state ID in AEL hint (Asterisk 16.3.0)? In extensions.conf, you would put:

exten => 2000,hint,SIP/2000,CustomPresence:2000
exten => 2000,1,Dial(SIP/2000)

If you attempt the same in AEL, it won’t compile:

context default {
    2000 => {

I think the proper syntax is something more like this:

hint(SIP/${EXTEN}) 2000 => NoOp(hint ${EXTEN});

Your answer does not provide a way to include a presence state ID, which is what I was asking.

Sorry, how about:

hint(CustomPresence:2000) 2000 => NoOp(hint ${EXTEN});

Is that closer to what you want ?

But I’m not sure how to combine device state and presence state…

Looking at AEL BLF, it seems to me that AEL creator simply forgot to add this capability. Just one of many Asterisk’s inconsistencies…

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