Presence Management in Call Centers

Presence Management involves managing the person presence along with the device presence of each person in the organization. Device presence only covers the presence of a person from the standpoint of a specific device without providing status information about the person, particularly if they have stepped away from the device or are engaged in other activities such as on a call that prevents readiness for communication. Examples of device presence include the busy lamp field on a telephone or online status for Instant Messaging.

In a customer contact center, an aggregate a view of a team member’s voice presence status (talking, available etc.) as well as an overall presence status, such as “on break” or “in a meeting,” or “working on call follow up” becomes instrumental in case of reaching out to the person for real-time help in effective customer handling of on-call customer.

If an agent is able to visually identify the presence and availability status of other users in real-time, he/ she can promptly take an action whenever there is the need for a transfer, consultation or collaboration. All the agent has to do is simply click on the user’s icon to confidently initiate an action that will connect the caller with the right person at the right time.

Tools empowering agents to collaborate with peers, supervisors or subject matter experts in other areas of the enterprise are pivotal in achieving first contact resolution. In particular, when presence management is combined with the ability for agents to collaborate with others in the organization, first call resolution increases, callbacks are reduced and customer satisfaction is improved.

An efficient presence management system can also help save much telephone tag and e-mailing. It empowers the employees to more easily find decision makers when they need them. Complete capabilities of a presence management system can be put to use in case of distributed work groups as it enables the employees to see when other members are available for ad hoc meetings.

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