Prepending a 1 on incoming calls breaks the dialplan

Hey All,

I’m sure I’m missing something small, hopefully this is an easy one for someone.

Incoming (111) 111-1111 works

I have

exten => _[+0-9]XXX.,1,Stasis(prospector,inbound,noAMD,${EXTEN})

shouldn’t this pick up 1(111) 111-1111 and (111) 111-1111 ?

Thanks for your time,

I believe your problem is with the +

Try it as

exten => _+[0-9]XXX.,1,Stasis(prospector,inbound,noAMD,${EXTEN})

Good info, seems the problem was our stasis app was routing funny between our pbx and Twilio.

Thanks for your time,


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