Preferred version of asterisk on BSD

Hi everyon, I’m doig a bit of research on setting up an asterix box at work, and I was wondering what the preferred version to install on freeBSD is? Is the ports version (looks like adequate or preferred, or is it better to try and built the latest version from source? Are there any security issues or hardware support improvments that warrant using the latest verison?

Thanks in advance

Let me be the first to rain all over your project…

The port is a neat way to go because it will put all the necessary libraries and dependencies in the right place for the FreeBSD filesystem architecture. Not that this is necessary, it’s just the way the FreeBSD team has chosen to roll it out. So unless you’re really up on how to compile from source and get the files into the correct locations you’re SOL. However, there is a known security issue with the latest port versions and they say you should upgrade to 1.2.9 right away.

If you ask this question in most places, be prepared for responses like, “just do your make using the FreeBSD defaults…” whatever that means. Once again, too many responders think everyone should know what that means and how to execute it on the fly.