Pre-Dial Handler

Currently I’m using pre-dial handlers with option “b” which do what I want and acting as expected.

Now I wanted to implement similar behaviour with option “b” on Queue() function which I found behaves differently.

On Dial() I can omit the conext with the “b” option if the extension is located wihin the same conext as the Call() function itself.

Trying the same on Queue() fails. Here I always have to specify the “full qualitfied path” including conext with the “b” option.

Did I use handlers wrong in that always the whole path has to be specified, is the difference expected behavour as by design, or is this simply a bug?

Thanks for your help.

Probably a minor bug, as the documentation for the two is the same. You can report it on the github issue tracker, assuming you are using the latest sub-version of 18, 20, or 21.

Yes its on version 20.7.0


Bug report

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