Pre-compiled binaries available


Since finding the pre-compiled SPARC binaries at I’ve not bothered going through all the hoops to get Asterisk compiled on Solaris.

BTW, they have x86 and x64 versions too.

The only thing to add is the solution to a Solaris 10 manifest issue which I posted to their alias as follows:

Firstly, when installing Asterisk the manifest doesn’t get imported automatically so you need to run


svc:> import /var/svc/manifest/application/asterisk-smf.xml
svc:> import /var/svc/manifest/application/zaptel-smf.xml

Secondly, even when installed Asterisk does not start properly after a reboot because of incorrect dependancies, which can be corrected as follows


svc:> select svc:/application/voip/server:default
svc:/application/voip/server:default> setprop dependents/asterisk-network = fmri: svc:/milestone/network:default

Now, it all restarts correctly after a reboot.