POTS and Extentions and stuff

I have a new * setup. Fresh off the CD… with one extention set up. I have a standard modem in the box, as well as my NIC. I have managed to test the box, a little bit. Extention 200 works fine, and I can run all the basic (echo test, time, all that stuff).

What I need to know is, since a modem has both a line port and a phone port, can I do the following:

1 - Route calls from an analog phone in the phone jack to the line jack through *

2 - Add a phone onto the line jack to be routed off to the net through *

3 - Route a call from a VOIP extention to the hypothetical phone from either #1 or #2

If you need me to clarify, ask.

As well, if someone can give me a quick rundown for what I need to set up to have the calls routed out through the modem to POTS line. The Quickstart was kind of … useless in describing that.

Basically the only thing you can do with your modem is make data calls - e.g., connect to the internet through a dialup account.