Possible to limit timing of registration attempts?

I have noticed after rebooting my server that asterisk isn’t registered with draytel and that requests are being sent out every couple of seconds non-stop.

If I completely stop asterisk and restart it a few minutes later it registers fine. I suspect that too many frequent requests are being blocked by draytel.

Is it possible to adjust the requests attempts timing to perhaps one every 30 secs or so?

I don’t know is this is relevant but this seems to have started happening when I changed my router for a Linksys WRT54GS.

I have heard of some issues regarding this router and voip.

My server is set as DMZ.
Nmap to LAN IP and domain name both show 5060/udp open|filtered sip

I don’t know what else to test really. It just happened again, and once more stopping asterisk for a few minutes and restarting let it register fine.

Hmm this may have been caused by a dhcpcd issue.