Possible to forward analong lines to SIP?

Hey guys -

A branch off the PBX location has moved and the vendor failed to move the 2 POT lines that were not attached to the PBX. These lines are crucial (CC and Fax) so I have to get them up by Monday. I was thinking of various alternatives but not sure if they are possible…please help.

I would like Verizon to forward the numbers to free DIDs that my company has on the PRI. I would then forward these numbers to a speed call or something in the PBX…that would force them to connect to a SIP device. The SIP device would then convert the data over to analog for the fax and credit card machine to work. Is this possible? What would prevent this from working?

Thanks for any help or advice

Yes. Should be straightforward with a basic working knowledge of Asterisk.