Possible to a menu message when pickup line without dial?

hello World
Within Asterisk I have unserstood that all the possible applications are base on the called number (and all is in teh extensions.conf) in the differents [context] sections

but I just winder if it is possible to fdo the following

  1. Is it possible when picking up the line to have a menu message instead the invite to dial
  2. and if yes it is a global configuration for all the phones
    or is it possible to define for only some phones -(for example
    for phones wich number included in a precise range)

I have uunderstood that what i want to do is possible if I define a call number (exampe *20). With this number ii is easy to set up the menu message. But for somme application it would be more firendly to have that when picking the phone

Thanks for the help

i think you want something like a ‘bat phone’:

voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … apata.conf

see the entry for ‘immediate=yes’ - that might work for you.

Thank you for the reply
Yes it looks fine but only for Analog Handset telephones
Is there samething equivalent for SIP soft phone/H323 phones (soft and HW).
May my question has no sense, sorry for the lack of experience

no, it makes sense, and i was hoping you’d be using analog phones…

i don’t know of a similar way to do this with SIP phones…unless there was a way to set the phone to auto-dial an extension whenever it was ‘activated’…but that would be on the phone side, not the server side.