Possibility to dial again after hang up

hi there!

there’s a problem, i’ve got one FXO and one FXS devices. so i dial from one to another, answer and than if the first phone (phone1, connected to the FXO device through TLS) hangs up, i hear from the other one (phone2, connected to the FXS devices) short dial tones(beep-beep…), than looooong dial tone, it looks like i can dial next number (just like it should be), but the FXO device itself doesn’t hangs up, so when i dial a number it goes right through the FXO to the TLS without my dialplan at all!!! so the TLS tries to dial the second number (and what if i want to dial to a SIP user or something). it’s wrong! i want to be able to dial again without hanging up and picking up… and with my dial plan. does anybody know how to do it?