Possibilities VPS

Good morning Asterisk Community,

My name is Delano from Network Solutions (NL) and i was wondering if you guys could help my company out with some difficulties.

We are trying to set-up a new VOIP server using the opensource Asterisk software, so far things are going great.
We have the possibility to register extensions and most features seem to be working just fine.

However this VPS doesn’t have any possibility to add new hardware to it or at least, no new PCI cards.

So that leads us to our question is it possible for us to connect our Asterisk/FREEPBX VPS to the PSTN and if it is possible how are we going to achieve this without adding new hardware to our server?

Every piece of advice is much appreciated and i thank you in advance on taking the time to read this question!

You can do this in two ways:

  • use a PSTN - VoIP gateway (external device)
  • use a VoIP provider

you can get VOIP PSTN trunks in NL but from what I found out Agentschap Telecom insist you supply ID of a valid NL address to the provider (possibly to discourage NL numbers being used by overseas companies for marketing calls, but equally could be in case someone has to dial 112, so the 112-control centre knows where they should send the response vehicles). So this should usually be where your business is located.

If you want to connect your KPN analogue or digital circuit to a VPS elsewhere you would need to build another small Asterisk server or use a gateway device that connects to the VPS. so a few hundred Euros more to spend. This equipment sits in your business premises, and sits near where the ISRA-punt for the incoming KPN wires enter the building, and also will need a CAT6 cable to go to your switch/router and then to the Internet, where it connects to your VPS. I would be careful about porting your main business number to VOIP as VOIP providers can and do go out of business, and then you are in trouble until Agentschap and KPN “rescue” the number!