Position announcement in multiple queues

If you have say 5 queues and a caller in each of those, does each caller hear “you are first in line” because they are the only one in that queue or does it add them all together, saying that the most recent caller in totality is 5th in queue? Is this an option somewhere?

If all the queues are the same weight, or they all have different agents, they will be treated independently. I’m not sure whether agents are taken out of consideration because there is work waiting at a higher weighting, before or after the decision to make the announcement.

There are no options.

If they are the same weight and share agents, arrival time will not be compared across queues.

I know arrival time wont, but what about position? Is there any way to say you are “third in line” if #1 and #2 are in other queues?

Is this unique to Asterisk?

No, and it wouldn’t be true, as any of the three calls could be answered next.

Note you are assuming that all queues have the same agents, which is not necessarily true.