Pop up windows at client/agent PC

hi all,
I have started doing research and development on this asterisk for months. I am having a problem to communicate from asterisk server to my client ACD program which is suppose to pop up a window with a caller details upon incoming call.

User/Agent will login this ACD client application from his computer and this will create the TCP connection to the asterisk server. When a call comes in, the asterisk dial plan will decide which agent to ring and send the TCP message to the selected agent/client. The ACD client application will pop up the windows with the caller information detail. But the agent will answer the call using the xlite, not the ACD client application. That application is just to pop up the caller information details upon incoming call.

I’ve been trying to :
-create a web service as the midle agent between asterisk server and the clients/agents.
-create the fastagi using java, to control the TCP connection between the server and clients.
-using .net framework to create the agent ACD application. But i still dont have enough information on this, whether it provides library to let the application login from the client side or not and how to control it.

So which 1 is the best way or is there any easier way than this? Really appriciate if anyone could advice. Thank you in advance.

there is a much easier way if using the zoiper softphone instead of xlite [i have a more complicated ways using other phones]. use the second parameter of the queue function to pass a URL:

exten => XXXXX,n,Queue(,URL)

obviously you build the URL to include some sort of caller identity information. the URL will be passed through zoiper the the PC and open up the browser window to the URL.

hi mudslide,
thx for the fast reply. i have tried the zoiper softphone to test what u mentioned above, but unfortunately the free version doesnt support even basic call transfer. :unamused:

i also have tried the .net framework but there are no sample code on how to use it. So i,m afraid i still need to write the fastagi application to control the client tcp/ip connection for the windows popup. :cry:

Or is there still have other easier way u can suggest instead of zoiper?

thanks in advance.


I am having problem running asterisk-java sample code form

Hello Agi!


i am following all steps everything goes well except that NO file named “fastagi-mapping.properties” created but in tutorial it is mentioned that this file must be created by default and we have to map script


furthermore configuration i did on asterisk server are

Add a user in sip.conf
add this line extn => 888,1,Agi(agi://<1p of agi server>/HelloAgiScript in extntion.conf …under default context

is there need of any further configurations??..