Polycom global paging

hello everbody
does anyone knows how to page polycom phones all at ones without the AbsoluteTimeout() meaning when you hanup the call all paged extensions will hang up also.
i already checked the wiki at voip-info.org but i couldn’t find any answer.

How do you have it configured now? I usually use alertinfo to make the phones automatically pick up. I do not have any problems with it hanging up.

when paging one extension there is no problem but i don’t know how to do global paging , hetre is how i page one extension, i dial 8 before the extension number.

exten => _82XX,1,SetVar(ALERT_INFO=“Ring Answer”)
exten => _82XX,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:1},20,r)
exten => _82XX,103,Congestion
exten => _82XX,104,Congestion
exten => t,1,Hangup

any answer?

I think i’m going to reply to my self as i found the solution, I’ll post the link here in case if somebody else looking to implement the same feature. it was wrriten by Tracy Carlton at asterisk@home forum.