Polycom check-sync not rebooting

check-sync just doesn’t work for me unless I use alwaysReboot=“1”.

I’m using FTP and appear to have the timezone set up correctly. The phones are writing logs into the FTP directory without issue. The FTP server is also the NTP server.

However, "sip notify polycom-check-cfg " does not trigger a reboot. Touching the cfg files first doesn’t help either. What part of this have I missed?

Is there a way to get the logs to tell me why the phone is deciding not to reboot?

Got it to work.

Touching the file didn’t do it. I actually needed to change a non-whitespace character in one of the files the phone reads. All of my phones use a common sip.cfg. If I change a character in there, check-sync reboots the phone without having to use always-reboot=1.