Polycom can't read hints of cisco phones after server reload

anyone know why my polycom 601’s can read the hints of my cisco 7960’s after i reload my server? the polycoms can read the hints fine if i reboot them after i reload my server. i just hate having to reboot my polycoms each time i make a change to my server configs.

When you say reload do you mean rebooting your server or using the reload command in the CLI ?

rebooting the server or using amp’s reread configs web site feature. i think it just does a asterisk reload like from the cli but not 100% sure. but rebooting causes this too!

This is a know problem with Polycom phone. Your Cisco are still able to get the hint after a reload ?

yeah the cisco’s see the polycom’s hint and the other cisco’s hint just fine after a reload.

I did an install in an office where we used only Polycom 601’s. Durring the set up I used the reload command many times. After using it several times the blf would stop working. I had to stop and restart asterisk as well as reboot the phones.