Polycom 601 Expansion Module with speed dials & line app

anyone know if the polycom 601 expansion module buttons can be used with speed dials and line appearances at the same time? i.e. Set reg.x.lineKeys = 6 so the polycom 601 would be a ring down of line appearances and then the expansion module would be speed dials with hints? i hope that makes sense…

On the expension module, I don’t know if the key can be configure as a line key ex : reg.x.lineKeys = 10 but for sure the key can be “blf” as well as speed dial.

What is very cool is that the receptionnist can use the expension module to do tranfer.

So the answer is yes for BLF and for Speed dial at the same time.

do you know if i can label the reg.x.linekeys some how? right now it just labels them all as the first one. i would rather it say something like:
Line 1
line 2
line 3

any ideas?

I don’t know, but i’m not sure you can do this. I personnaly prefer to use the extention as the label. This way people remeber their extension easly.