Polycom 501 & Headset say Plantronics MX-10

Is anyone having success using the Plantronics MX-10 headsets with the Plcm 501 phones? In my environment they seemed to work for a while but have now given way to terrible call quality. When I switch back to the handset the call quality is perfect again. The only thing I have changed is IAX providers from VOIPJET to VOXEE. Any thoughts?

When it comes to headset problems there are a few things I’d check:

Users always try to adjust headset settings in an effort to improve the sound. Check all of the settings to make certain that they’re correct. Pretend you’re installing the headset for the first time, and verify all of the settings from scratch.

For the MX10, check the batteries. The should be fresh. They only last for a few months. (Also make certain they’ve been installed correctly!)

Lastly, make certain that the users are wearing the headset correctly. The mouthpiece should be about two fingers width from the corner of the wearers mouth. Especially if it’s a noise cancelling model. They have very low gain microphones, and need to be close to the sound source. of course, be certain they are speaking into the correct side of the microphone. (There is a definate front and back to noise cancelling microphones.)

Most headset issues can be corrected by verifying the above items. If those don’t work, I start to suspect the parts themselves. Replace the headset part first, and then the amplifier.