Pls Help me, how can i use custom ext as normal ext

Helli friends,
i need your help,
i have some custom extension to agi like:
exten => 8001,1,AGI(agi://localhost/java.agi)
exten => 8002,1,AGI(agi://localhost/java2.agi)
exten => 8003,1,AGI(agi://localhost/java3.agi)
Now i want the users when call to my system (for example:IVR), connect to these AGIs sequenty, exacly like queue,
but the problem is that the custom extensions 8001,8002,8003 doesn’t behavior like Extensions !
when i put them in queue, all the call connect just to the first one !
i think because the custom ext don’t send back the busy status !..

Now how can i do,
i want my custom Ext behavior like a normal extension !

Please help ,

very thanks in advanced,

Since those are FastAGI programs. You can maintain a variable in the agi program to set the number of connections. So before accepting a call check for variable if its 1 send back a Busy tone or close the agi connection so that it will continue in the dialplan.

Godson Gera
Asterisk Consultant India