Please, someone help :o(


So I had my 2.5 AAH working, and I couldnt get it working with Broadvoice, don’t know why had 0% luck, so I went down to 2.2 because I figured there might have been issues with broadvoice and 2.5.

So when I did a reinstall, I did the ISO, it seems to install fine but for some reason now… Asterisks refuses to start up, When I login, in the maintanance, it justs says Asterisks: Stopped, on startup of the computer it gives the error of /var/asterisks not found or something similar to that, obvously I Know whats causing the issue, but I don’t know how to fix it at all…

Someone has to know something?

Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening?

Here are the errors:

/var/run/asterisks not found
/var/log/asterisks not gound

It’s like it’s not able to install into those folders… why?

in unix, they’re called directories, not folders :smile: anyway, no idea, but that is truly strange. try reinstalling?