Please Help! sip reg failure with change in server time

I am running two pbx servers with astersik 1.4.36 (64 bit ) and (32 bit)… A strange issue had occurred a couple of days back. All the sip registrations in both the servers were lost all of a sudden and reload from the CLI was getting stuck at chan_sip. we were getting registration request time out error in all soft phones and hard phones. We cloud not identify the cause, however when we changed the server time to a older date and time, the issue got resolved and the phones were registered. But still if we change the server time to the current time then the same issue is occurring again … Please help us if any one has similar issues…

Haven’t heard that one before.

1.4’s in security-fix only mode. Can you reproduce the issue on 1.8 or 10?

Thanks malcolmd for your reply and time…!!!
We have tested the same scenario in 1.8 and it was fine and did not show any issues. But we have 12 production servers running on 1.4 and all the servers shows the reported issue, It is practically very difficult for us to go for a bulk upgrade to 1.8
Do we have any other solution other than this…? Request your Kind advise…

I don’t, no. Good luck.