Playing/Recording media files from or to HTTP server


HTTP media Playback is extensively mentionned in Asterisk 14’s wiki pages but not much elsewhere, if I’m not mistaken.

Is it possible to play or record a media file from or to an HTTP server with Asterisk 17 ?
If positive, how ?

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Recording is not supported, playback is supported and you use the URL in place of where you would normally use something like “demo-congrats” for example.

Using external commad you can push the recording to a remote http address using curl, also you can record remote audio if you play it first and record the channel playing the audio

Yes, I could successfully play an
Thank you Josh for replying.

Looking back at Asterisk 17’'s Playback app wiki page, I think this capability could be mentioned.

Even if Record could record through HTTP, a two steps process with a local copy seems more reliable.

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