Playing multiple tones at once

I was trying to create a reorder off hook / howler tone in Asterisk:

The spec for this is 1400 + 2060 + 2450 + 2600 Hz on/off 100 ms.
I did:
same => n,PlayTones(1400+2060+2450+2600/100,0/100)

and I just heard a continuous tone. Same with just 3 frequencies. With just 2, e.g.:

same => n,PlayTones(1400+2600/100,0/100)

It works.

Is Asterisk not capable of adding more than 2 tones at once? This isn’t in the default indications.conf so I’m wondering if the off hook tone was left out for this reason. Is PlayTones not capable of doing this? I can find an audio file and use that, but that seemed silly when this seems like it ought to work.

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