PlayDTMF and Asterisk Manager

I have a problem with playdtmf command of asterisk manager: on version 1.2.14 is not present!!!. On the previous used version ( was all ok but now I can’t find the commad in the list of available commands (listcommands). What I missed? Is the command still existing? Can I use an equivalent command in order to send a tone on a specific channel?

try sendDTMF()?

I used asterisk but don’t have playDTMF in manager commands. The playDTMF manger command introduced from 1.2.8. In asterisk 1.2.14 it is not there. is it removed? if so y?

With sendDTMF there is the same problem: is not in the list and the manager module answer:

Response: Error
Message: Invalid/unknown command

my asterisk version is (show version)

Asterisk built by buildd @ terranova on a i686 running Linux on 2006-12-02 17:31:30 UTC

and I have PlayDTMF in my commands. I have no idea how to shortcut the problem: all my perl scripts are using the PlayDTMF command in order to send a feedback tone when a particular event happens on a remote computer and now nothing works.

I have found a patch on

and after the installation and ricompiling Asterisk,

(Patch -p0 < play_dtmf-
make install)

I found the dtmf command in my manager.
hen I try to use the command , I receive the confirmation

“message successfully queued”

but on mi telephon does’nt arrive any sound.
any suggestion?
On version the message is

" messagge successfully sent" and everything is working.