Playback on .sln file

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to play an audio file with .sln extension but i have an bellow.

If i check /data/ubidata/tts/64c1669dd7d0eecabe1a4ce2fa7ee275.sln, the file is present :

-rwxr-xr-x 1 user user 28800 Jul 28 15:53 /data/ubidata/tts/64c1669dd7d0eecabe1a4ce2fa7ee275.sln

core show file formats:

Format Name Extensions

slin16 wav16 wav16
slin wav wav
gsm wav49 WAV|wav49
slin192 sln192 sln192
slin96 sln96 sln96
slin48 sln48 sln48
slin44 sln44 sln44
slin32 sln32 sln32
slin24 sln24 sln24
slin16 sln16 sln16
slin12 sln12 sln12
slin sln sln|raw
g722 g722 g722
ulaw au au
alaw alaw alaw|al|alw
ulaw pcm pcm|ulaw|ul|mu|ulw
slin48 ogg_opus opus
h264 h264 h264
gsm gsm gsm
g729 g729 g729
20 file formats registered.

Here is the code :

-- Executing [s@macro-tts:7] BackGround("SIP/voxbonebe2-00000085", "'/data/ubidata/tts/64c1669dd7d0eecabe1a4ce2fa7ee275.sln'") in new stack
[2020-07-28 16:28:57.542] WARNING[13288][C-0000008e]: file.c:774 ast_openstream_full: File '/data/ubidata/tts/64c1669dd7d0eecabe1a4ce2fa7ee275.sln' does not exist in any format
[2020-07-28 16:28:57.544] WARNING[13288][C-0000008e]: file.c:1247 ast_streamfile: Unable to open '/data/ubidata/tts/64c1669dd7d0eecabe1a4ce2fa7ee275.sln' (format (alaw)): No such file or directory
[2020-07-28 16:28:57.546] WARNING[13288][C-0000008e]: pbx_builtins.c:1128 pbx_builtin_background: ast_streamfile failed on SIP/voxbonebe2-00000085 for '/data/ubidata/tts/64c1669dd7d0eecabe1a4ce2fa7ee275.sln'
[2020-07-28 16:28:57.548] WARNING[13288][C-0000008e]: pbx.c:2903 pbx_extension_helper: No application 'exit' for extension (macro-tts, s, 8)
  == Spawn extension (macro-tts, s, 8) exited non-zero on 'SIP/voxbonebe2-00000085' in macro 'tts'

Don’t include the .sln in the Playback parameters. Asterisk will choose the best file extension of those available, based on the codec it wants to use.

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You’re the best.

It worked, thanks a lot !

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