Playback cut on start

Hi all…

i have noticed in several installations that the first playbacked message is often cut of the initials ms…so that it’s losing 2 or 3 letters of the first word pronounced.
I’m deploying a freepbx system and i have noticed the same behaviour…
In extreme situation i have been forced to add a 2 seconds silence recording before the first real playback message…
am i missing anything ? because after the first the following playback are played correctly…

This will be channel technology related, not Playback related.

Assuming you are using SIP, there can be delays , especially if NAT is involved.

You should allow a delay, anyway, in case of dialing from a phone with the keys on the handset.

Have you verify the rtp stream duing the cut off

With delay you mean a wait(x) after playback ?

What seems strange to me it’s that only on the first playback the cut occurs ?

Is there a way to explain this ?

It’s exactly what you expect. The first Playback either answers the call or immediately follows answering the call, so the call may not be fully set up.

No…i’ll do it…
a thought came to me…the cut occurs only before the very first playback…there could be a router/nat path initilization delay for rtp stream ? so that the subsequents have the path flat…?

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