Playback a dynamically generated soundfile

Is there a way to playback a sound file that has been dynamically generated at runtime.
The only examples that I have seen, reference preexisting sound files, and are referenced in

Thanks in advance.

Yes, with festival, swift, cepstral, loquendo etc.

Thanks for the reply.
It looks interesting. However all the examples that I have seen are static in nature based on making entries into

Are there any examples that demonstrate creating sounds dynamically.

Thanks again

Define dynamically. Because You can create temporary files -txt mostly- in run time and then with one of those applications read it, the better applications are non-free but their result are awesome like loquendo or cepstral.

Thanks again.

What I mean by dynamically, is that the text is going to be different each time it’s being pushed to the SIP trunk.
Is there any of these tools that have Java interfaces.

I have followed the instructions for downloading and making Swift, to the letter.
However, all I get is compilation errors,

/usr/inlclude/string.h:173:error declaration for parameter ‘strdup’ but no such parameter.

The stack of errors go on endlessly with, what looks like, every function in the C standard library.
Go someone illuminate what the problem could be.


If you’re using asterisk version 1.6.x maybe you found some problems you need to test the patch for 1.6.x versions. Otherwise maybe its a dependency compiler issue, but we need to view the full log.

Hi navaismo, I found the cause of the compilation errors. I’m missing swift.h. Where do I find the swift headers.