Play short MOH file recoursively


Need your assistance with the following:
i have a short moh file to play (15 sec length) - i need to play it recursively till we get an answer from the called side.

Currently - the file is played only one time and than i am getting another played file (which till now i do not understand from where it is played.

Please advise how can we configure it correctly:

from the conf file itself:
exten => _X.,n,RetryDial(SIP/XXXXX/${CALLFWD},500,m(Ume1))

from musiconhold.conf:

application=/usr/local/bin/mpg123 -q -r 8000 -f 8192 -b 2048 --mono -s

You have a mixed up configuration. You definitely don’t want application, as it makes no sense for mode=files. You probably don’t want announcement.

You probably want a sub-directory, containing just the one file.

can you please share what should be the relevant configuration to play only one file recursively according to one which i have done?

Define a new music class. Create a new directory. Make the class of type files and using the new directory. Put one file in that directory.

You mean recurrently (repeatedly) , not recursively.

Specify that music class in the application call.

Thanks you very much indeed it helped!