Play audio to receiver


I am new with Asterisk. Is it possible stream an audio file to receiver in auto-answer mode?
I try to be clearer. I have tow endpoints, one caller A (Normal voip phone) and one receiver B (Voip speaker). Device B has to spread a sound when is called from A.

Could someone help me?


Please have a look at the page application and see if it does what you want. You will generally have to disable some of the security on the destination phone itself, and send a custom header. I’m not sure if there is a de facto standard for such headers.

Hi David,
thanks for answer. I had a look at the page application, but I didn’t understand how to configure it for my goal.
Can you provide me a simple example considering my scenario?

Sorry, don’t do paid consultancy.

exten => 100,1,Page(SIP/100)