Play audio, but set to non answer

To give you a run down, this is what we are trying to accomplish.

A customer calls one of our DIDs and the person does not answer. Therefore it goes to voicemail.

Now normally when this happens. The call sets to answer and start the duration clock when a message is saying that no one is there to take the call.

However what we would like to do is set it so this message plays, but it is not set to answer. Then the call only is set to answer when its goes BEEEEP and they need to leave a message.

In Europe and America this normally happens where the call starts straight away (duration wise). However in certain countries in South America it will play a message, but only set the call to answer once it goes beep and starts recording a message.

Effectively our developers can not figure it our. We have multiple Tier 1 interconnects and our agreements in place allow us to do (play audio even though the call is not set to answer and is being billed) this on our own allocated DIDs from the regulator.

If anyone can point me in the correct direction, i would be ever so grateful. … d+Progress