PJSIP replacing SIP but what about IAX

If SIP is slowly becoming depreciated, what is the fate of IAX? I wanted to use and implement IAX because it requires only one port for everything but I dont want to learn it if its also going to be depreciated. Also is there a good location of documentation somewhere where I can learn IAX if it not going to be depreciated.

The chan_iax2 module has not really been touched and remains core supported. This means that it does not see active development and if something really critical comes up it can get looked into.

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Is there a good location where I can learn everything about IAX. I appears Asterisk Wiki Documentation doesnt provide much details into IAX configuration, please correct me if im wrong.

It’s old so it hasn’t seen much updates to documentation or anything like that. Besides the sample configuration file nothing else springs to mind really.

IAX is, as far as I know, a remoting of the internal Asterisk protocol, so it is always going to be well matched to Asterisk.